Purposeful Living


here are only two positions in this life; Constants and Variables.

Constants are those immovable, immortal positions in life which we cling and hold onto dearly (for dear life) in our hearts and lives. We usually consider them to be sacrosanct and can fight and/or go to any length/level to defend them. We guard them jealousy. We cherish them and keep them close to our hearts. They define our character and determine the atmospherics of our spiritual temperaments. They tell us who we are and give us our true definition.
Variables on the other hand are those volatile positions which hold losely and have no permanent position in our hearts/lives. They come and go. Their position in our hearts is usually determined by external factors and not necessarily by an inner conviction or drive.
These two positions are inextricably linked to each other, but live on the extreme edge of the spectrum. They can not occupy the same position at the same time. One has to give way. Our value system determines the type of value that takes the lead in our lives. When a constant takes the lead, it automatically relegates a variable to a lesser position. A constant displaces a variable when and only if it takes the lead or a leading position in our lives and vice versa.
According to the design of life, God, the things of God and matters Kingdom were meant to occupy the constant position in man’s life. And the things of this world, the pursuit of riches, wealth and social status, standing and security were meant to be relegated to a lesser variable position in a man’s life. But the enemy has managed to turn the tide, in the sense that what was meant to occupy the constant position has now been relegated to a variable position and the things intended for the variable now occupy the constant position in a man’s life and heart. That has corrupted the heart of man.
But all’s not lost. We still can turn that around. And that’s only when we choose to make the pursuit of God to be our main focus, primary objective and goal in life, it becomes an invariable constant position in our lives. The position that God holds in our lives determines the direction in which our lives move/take. If we let God occupy the constant position in our lives, we dear closer to Him because He draws us closer to Himself; But if we allow God to take a variable position, then our hearts and life ambitions move us further and further away from Him!
The pursuit of happiness, acquisition of earthly possessions, societal status, social standing and material wealth is and should always be relegated to a lesser variable position. That’s the way God designed life to flow and that’s the design and heart posture we should constantly fight to keep and/or maintain. The constancy of keeping and maintaining the pursuit of God as the one and only constant in our hearts and lives. The key question is who is God to you; and what position does He hold in your life? Is it a constant or a variable? Everything else will fall into (it’s) place, is only we learn to keep the head up!!
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